Queen Elizabeth National Park

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The melting glacier waters of the Rwenzori Mountains create a vast wetland system comprising of two main lakes, George and Edward, as well as the connecting Kazinga Channel. Thousands of hippos populate these lake shorelines make today the Queen Elizabeth National Park together with Kyambura and Kigezi Wildlife Reserves that in turn form one of the most diverse ecosystems in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National park has varied vegetation from open savannah to rainforest, from dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward. Due to this, Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts one of the highest biodiversity of wildlife game reserve in the world.

With an estimated 100 mammal species and a remarkable 600 plus bird species, Queen Elizabeth national park make a superb safari destination with elephant, a profusion of hippos, the elusive giant forest hog and handsome Uganda kob are regularly seen. This park also has a marvelous waterfront setting in the shadow of the Rwenzori Mountains.