Our Team

Hamlet Mugabe

Leader of Ensi Safaris

Field ornithologist and Principal Leader of Ensi Safaris Ltd. Was born in South Western Uganda and lives in Kampala and he is a very experienced field bird guide. He is an enthusiastic and motivated ecologist with experience in ornithology, wildlife and field guide work.

He has led several bird trips and wildlife tours in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and DRC. He has also carried out several scientific research projects with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) focusing on birds, primates and large savanna mammals. Has led numerous birding trips since 1999 to date and countless biodiversity surveys in and around the Albertine Rift region.

He holds a Master’s degree in wildlife management from Mweka Wildlife College in Tanzania and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Kampala University and is the co-founder of the Living with Lions Society and Uganda Bird Club, Hamlet has done various courses and holds Certificates in Natural sound recording from Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Sierra-Nevada Field Campus, Bird Identification Techniques, Wildlife tourism, Anti-poaching, tracking, and species identification. And he is the key author for National Species Red-list for Uganda.

Has led sensitive biodiversity surveys around oil wells for Tullow and Total oil companies in Western Uganda under the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) whose country office is in Kampala and Headquartered in New York. Others are WWF CONGO, PNKB, and Nature Uganda.

He has also traveled widely in the quest of birds both whilst leading trips and on reconnaissance trips for future tours. His travels have taken him to a wide variety of destinations around East Africa and DRC. In between leading tours, Hamlet deals with the administration work of Ensi Safaris Ltd. He has a keen interest in sports, particularly volleyball, and soccer, and enjoys traveling. We are here to serve you with best bird trips!

Akemi Basha

Tour Operations Manager

I worked for a financial institution in Japan and I love traveling abroad, so much so that I used to go to some country every year during long holidays.

I am very interested in visiting many countries, experiencing their culture and discovering their differences from Japan. I also wanted to live in a foreign country one day, so I moved to Uganda in 2012 with my Ugandan husband and child.

Unlike Japan, Uganda has very little in the way of entertainment, but the time spent in Uganda’s natural environment will be a time of peace and tranquility that you can rarely find in Japan.

In Uganda, you can enjoy the luxury of swimming in a swimming pool, looking out over Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and biting into a 30-centimeter-sized fried tilapia, which is something you cannot experience in Japan.

“I am a highly determined marketing manager with natural communicating skills and able to offer an engaging and informative tour to our customers.

Talented for public speaking along with good memory retention of facts and figures. And I have a communicable sense of humor and I am good at quick thinking. I offer tourists with quick customer services for their holiday tour. I am a true professional, with a passion for tourism.”

We look forward to welcoming you with the customer-oriented thinking and hospitality we have cultivated in Uganda. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to do something like this or visit a place like this in Uganda. Ensi Safaris Ltd will help you meet your expectations and add color to your life.

We are here serve you!
Welcome to Uganda for your holiday tour!

Gordon Tukwasibwe

Bird Guide

I am a Ugandan born southwest of Uganda in the Ruhija – Bwindi area and have a diploma in wildlife management from Katwe Institute of wildlife and research training.

I am an energetic and resourceful bird guide with 9 years of experience accompanying clients on bird trips and to various locations in different parts of Uganda.

Adept at bird identification and I put effort to make optimal travel plans and dedicated to providing clients with the best customer field service and travel experience possible.

We are here to go birding with you!
Welcome to Uganda!

Rehema Namuli

Cultural Tour Guide

Was born and raised in Western Uganda near Queen Elizabeth National Park. Has experience in cultural and historical sites tours. Has a diploma in tourism management, a diploma in tailoring, a diploma in entrepreneurship skills, and a certificate in tourism guiding “I am a highly determined tour guide with good communication skills and I provide our clients with engaging and informative tours.

I have a sense of humor and am quick to think. I also offer tourists a unique, unforgettable experience in cultural activities and women’s empowerment projects such as clothing tailoring, handicrafts, catering, tourist guiding, and women entrepreneur skills.

I also lead visitors to sites of historical and cultural interestI am a professional, with a passion for nature and wildlife.” And she is currently undertaking a bird identification training course at Uganda Bird Club.

Rehema has easygoing with nature and has a wealth of knowledge regarding all things natural and is thus a welcome addition to the team. We are here to serve you!